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mi trasformo in un razzo missile! STEFANO OBINO (with the "o" at the end), was born in Oristano January 4, 1973. He begins to scribble an early age, preferring the stretch humorous than realistic. The first real collaboration begins at the age 'of 17 years as a cartoonist when he was chosen by the editors of the weekly Europress. Shortly afterwards made his first comic character Sam Motty producing (self-producing) two numbers "Scaccolo crazy" and "boogers: Final Act," the latter was exhibited in Vancouver in Canada in an exhibition of cartoons. For a few years working as a freelance graphic designer, is creating logos for business cards and advertising signs, both drawing on the cover of Dylan Dog T-shirts and other comics.

At the same time following his "second vocation" the study and obtained a degree in Comparative Literature (110/110), interrupting the activities' comics until the spring of 1998 when, after following a course-workshop on cinema (Cinema Details) designs of the brand new jet and the Moon Lokapalas of 90 pages. In June 1999 joined the editorial staff of the Obiettivo (Cagliari). Cagliari head to publish a series Pigne The daily strips and Habitat, as well as caricatures, cartoon strips and political satire. In September 1999 released by the magazine's brief history Squid Ink Genghis Khan on display at the exhibition "Fiumetto Tirso" in Oristano 19 to 26 September 1999 and publbicata for the fanzine of the same name.

In November comes Satyrs Filia published and distributed by Il Gabbiano; steam during the exhibition of Comics Millennium Comics 12 to 16 January 2000. In January, holds a considerable fortune in the contest with history PierLambicchi Dream in the cell, and the competition Scholarship Jaccovitti with Home Sweet Home (nominated for best comic book author and nominations for Best Newcomer), shown in Milan by two on March 5, 2000. During the month of February published the story of Carnival, the first ever night for friends of the Seagull steam and unpublished strips, Clove and family together to comics for the Dream in cell N° 2 of squid ink.

In May 2000 they released the story the night before in the journal Electronic Media Jackal. In June 2001, he joined the editorial staff of "The GAZZETTINO of Padua" by publishing satirical cartoons and strips. In February 2001, the magazine comes out with squid ink, the comic book Home Sweet Home and Family Slice strips. In the same year, leaving the balloon Phoria still unpublished. In 2002, for publishing public Comike Phor against cellulite. In 2003 and 2004 released by the publisher of Philip EleaN°r Martinez's book "Encyclopedia of Eleanor vol I" and "Encyclopedia of Eleanor vol II".

In 2006, the Foundation collaborates with Marco Pantani posting pictures, plates and strips of episodic large sample disappeared. In the same year he published for the city of Cagliari magazine for kids, "Sardi Junior".

In november 2006 he published the first issue of "Nevermate" for the publishing house LVDP. In 2007 the second issue of the publication in 2007 of Sardi Junior. At December, Nickeyaya N° 1 "the origin ( and Captain Preep N°. 1" Zagreb Island, in May 2008 Nickeyaya N° 2 "Yaya is missing" , "Special Nevermate Lucca" in 2009 and Nickeyaya "Sinchili's gangsta" ( and Nevermate N°. 2 "Back to Mynerun". Since 2007 he took over the project "Nick and Yaya" by creating characters for comics, design clothing and gadgets and all communication. from 2010 to the public art magazine Artreport ( His activity of a cartoonist is the alternative to a painter, illustrator, designer and photographer.
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