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The course is open to all persons who have a passion for comics understood as the combination of various arts: Literature, Painting and Drawing, Photography and Cinema. Starting with the basics of freehand drawing, we will discuss the preliminary techniques of comics and then get to customize the style of each student, we will also address the study and development of the script, storyboard and dellÝimpaginazione graphics.
The course will last approximately four to six months for a total of 48 hours per week for an appointment two to three hours. After each student will be issued to the certificate of participation.


Cartoon History
A brief history of comics. How and when it was born. The great writers and great men of the world of comics. Styles. the most celebrated comics.

The creation of a story
From history to the table (the basics of screenplay). The division into cartoons. The dialogues. Genres (comedy, westerns, film noir, science fiction, Manga).

The Storyboard
The development of history as a storyboard, pencil techniques, the preliminary choices and visual storytelling.

INSTRUMENTS, materials and techniques
LÝinchiostrazione. The color (the basics). The colored pencils and markers in tempera and watercolors. The balance of black and white during lÝinchiostratura.

The language of comics
What is and how a comic book. Onomatopoeia, the balloon, the kinetic lines, icons. The structure of the comic page. The shots, movements of the table.

Character creation
Fundamentals of anatomy. Proportions. Fundamentals of perspective. Movement.

Development in dellÝimprovvisazione id creation. ╠scarabocchioţ by the protagonist of the story.

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