Comic book artist

I create comics for publishing houses, self-publishing and for advertising campaigns, if you like, look at my portfolio.

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I am a teacher of comics, artistic anatomy and digital graphics at the Academy of Art in Cagliari, a unique place facing the sea of Sardinia.

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Instagram: stefano.obino
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"Drawing is a conflict between nature and the artist, in which the artist can triumph all the more easily as he knows how to better understand the intentions of nature. The problem is not to copy, but to interpret in a simpler and brighter language."
(Charles Baudelaire)

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Commissions, artworks and more

If you want a personalized drawing of your favorite comic book characters visit my work gallery.

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Facebook: stefano.obino

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For informations of art lessons of Comics, Anatomy art and Digital graphic

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Instagram: stefano.obino


On this page you can find the exhibitions where I exhibit with my works and the events I participate in.
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