Stefano Obino was born in Oristano1973. After graduating in Modern Literature at the University of Cagliari he devoted himself above all to work in the world of communication. Graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, painter, photographer, comic book author, he has collaborated as a draftsman and cartoonist with various island and national magazines including Europress, L'Obiettivo, Il Gazzettino di Padova, Mono (Tunuè ed.).
Since 1999 he has signed the comics Genghis Khan and Satiri Filia (for the Steam Gull), the illustrations for the two volumes of Eleonora's Encyclopedia (Eleonora publishing house, edited by Filippo Martinez), he has drawn illustrations, strips and tables for the Marco Pantani Foundation. He worked with the Municipality of Cagliari for the two issues of the Sardi Junior magazine. In 2007 he gave birth to Nick and Yaya, protagonists of a comic and a line of clothing and gadgets; two years later he received the nomination for best web designer for Nick and Yaya's website at the Web Italia Award. He has also signed the three issues of Nevermate, a cyberfuturist comic, Theuth, and is the author of the Sardan I 7 RE comic fantasy saga.
Since 2009 he has held courses and workshops on comics, drawing and digital graphics. Since 2015 he has been a teacher of Comics, Artistic Anatomy and Graphics for the Accademia d'arte di cagliari.
In recent years he has participated in various comic, painting and photography exhibitions throughout Italy.

Personal exhibitions

2017 April 7-14, "Cagliari 1938/1943": Illustrations from the story Nobile Verrisi by G. Binnella
2014 Personal Exhibition "Voodoo: The colors of superstition" 1-24 / 08, Cagliari
2014 January-February, "Auschwitz: Travel notebook inside the Kampf Lager", Lazzaretto of Cagliari
2014, January, "Travel Notebooks", Municipality of San Vero Milis (OR)
2012-2013, October-January, "Travel Notebooks", Lazzaretto of Cagliari
2011, February, Staff, Terni
2010, January, "Paper stories", Lazzaretto of Cagliari

Collective exhibitions

2018 December 15, "Esde Christmas Exhibition" Cagliari
2018 November 16-17, "Bipersonal with Gisella Mura" Laconi (OR)
2018 April 27, "Drawings and drafts" Cagliari
2017/18 25 / 12-7-01 International art exhibition Sardinia-Bulgaria. Collinas (SU)
2017 April 29, "Drawings and drafts" Cagliari
2013 "The Purple Art Circus", Maison Milano, Milan
2012 "JPIGS", satire and illustration, Foro Boario, Oristano
2011 Painting Exhibition Castello Salvaterra, Iglesias (CI)
2011 "Open Monuments", Oristano
2010 "Carloforte Artexpo", Carloforte (CI)
2010 "Comics Day", Oristano
2010 "Pitti Bimbo", Florence
2009 "Lucca Comics and Games", Lucca
2009 "Mutations", Tattoo Convention, Cagliari
2009 “Shattentanz“, Spazio MK, Cagliari
2008 "Lucca Comics and Games", Lucca
2007 "Art Bites", Palazzo Arquer, Oristano
2007 "Oderzo Inquieta", Palazzo Foscolo, Oderzo (TV)
2006 "The night of the living designers", Padua
2004 "Art itineraries" Padua